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Thread: Gear advice please

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    Gear advice please

    Hi Dylan Iíve watched all your videos and have learned a lot thank you. My question is about my current cycle which is:

    Week 1-14 350mg Test E EW
    Week 1-14 490mg DHB EW
    Week 1-14 300mg EQ EW
    Week 1-8 350mg NPP
    Week 6-14 200mg Tren Ace EW
    Week 1-4 40mg Anavar ED
    5IUís GH ED
    MK677 30mg ED
    .5 Arimidex 2-3 times EW

    I am 39 at 230# and BF% 20%. My goal with this cycle is to recomp. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your body fat is too high to safely be cycling. Try getting it down to about 15% fat first. I'm also personally not too keen on the cycle. Running gh for that little time is a waste of money, I would never continuously run orals that long, and to be honest, there's too much going on in this cycle plan in general.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    The last 3 in my stack donít have a time frame because Iím planning to run the GH long term. I do 5 days on and 2 days off. Two SQ injections per day. The MK677 also running 5 on and 2 off. Arimidex always as I am blasting and cruising on TRT in between cycles. My TRT is 120mg-150mg per week of Sustanon and sometimes I donít need any AI or very little.

    The AAS oral being used is Anavar and only as a kickstarter for 4 weeks.

    My body fat is way to high at 20% and recomp is my goal here.

    The Tren Ace replacing the NPP for the end of the cycle is really my main question? Iím not sure if I hold off on adding this compound for week 6-14 or go for it.

    Any other advice is much appreciated also!!!

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    i cant advise you to use steroids with that kind of body fat... thats way too high.. you need to be down in the 12-13 range, 15 tops for me to advise any sort of steroid use

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