My question is about front loading, and the time to effect of PEDs as it applies for fighting:

The situation is I was asked to corner a guy for his MMA fight that he took on short notice. Due to this notice I will get access to him about 12hrs prior to his fight. In that 12hrs I need to prep him as best I can. This will include 30% speed/power drilling his fight plan, visualization, body work (Massage, ART), Priming his nervous system with some quick plyometric sets. This situation isn't ideal, but I was asked for my help, and I am going to give him the best I can.

My plan for PEDs is to Start loading him throughout the day with higher lower dosages of:

Beta Alanine
Creatine HCl
Alpha GPC

The goal is to have his system as saturated as possible with these without causing any type of GI issues.

I also plan to dose him with 10mg of Gw501516 Three time before his fight, and SR9009 every two hours leading up to his fight.

Fours hours out from the fight has last meal.

Three to Three and ahalf hours out from the fight has an nap.

Two hour out from his fight, He will only be permitted one shaker cup full of fluid to prevent him from feeling like he has to piss when in the cage. He will be given a stack of B Vit. Including 100mg of L-Theanine to calm his nerves

One hour before his fight I plan to give him 20mg of Cardarine, his last dose of SR9009, antihistamine (to make sure his lungs are open, and his nose is clear, not stimulant), 20mg of noopept. Possibly 100mg of Theanine depending on Anxiety level

30min before he will be given 1 scoop of C4 Ultimate to sip on until his fight.

The big question have is about the SARM RAD140. Am I able to front load him at the beginning of the day with say 50mg, and have an effect dose in him for when he fights 12hrs later. I agree that this is not the ideal way to use this, but RAD140 seems to behave as a fasting DHT offering increased speed, endurance, confidence, and aggression.

Has anyone used PEDs GW501516, SR9009, or RAD140 in this manner to get a rapid response?

I have seen quick results with GW, and SR.