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Thread: Food log

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    Food log

    Lots of folks at the gym ask me what I eat. Most of the year I stay trim and low body fat. Don?t get me wrong I use to be total dad bod. Out of shape, alcoholic, 235 pound and eating what I want.
    Made new live style change 3 years ago. Sober and eat the same year round.
    I do eat boring but I like it and it is simple. I meal prep on Sunday for the week and eat right 6 days a week. Eat out once a week with family.
    I am now 54, 185-195 7-10 percent body fat (depends on time of year).
    Here is what I eat almost everyday all week long.
    This 3000 calories I am currently eating in a surplus. I just adjust accordingly these items for 2500 maintenance or 2000 deficit.

    Breakfast 200 calories of flavored oatmeal, 6 egg whites, 1 tbls peanut butter and sugar free pancake syrup.
    Microwaved 6 minutes
    468 calories
    54 carbs
    12 fat
    42 protein

    Main meals spread over 3 times a day.
    550 grams of chicken breast oven cooked
    3 cups veggies
    2 cups brown rice
    Yogurt based ranch
    Cherry tomatoes
    1532 cal
    125 carbs
    36 fat

    Two protein shakes. Sometimes substitute one shake for a protein bar.
    440 calories
    8 carbcarbs
    4 fat
    96 protein

    1 honey crisp apple
    1 banana
    3 quake oats chi late rice cakes
    2.5 tbls PB fit powder
    2 tbl sugar free jelly
    560 calories
    110 carbs
    7 fat
    16 protein
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    awesome bro, these are great posts to follow !

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    I typically eat about 40 percent carbs, 40 Percent protein and 20 percent fat

    When m in deficit I usually eat 30/50/20

    I do have items I substitute in also.
    Meats, usually in my dinners
    Steak, Burgers, Tuna, salmon

    Zero percent Fage yogurt with fresh blueberries or strawberries honey on top.

    Avocados when I want to add fats

    Toppings and Dressing
    Sugar free bbq sauce
    Bolt house makes yogurt based Ranch, Honey Mustard,

    For me I had to make it simple. I have been on this for three years. It finally became a habit. No it is easy to eat this way. Some call it boring but for me it?s a life style. Not a diet.

    I will add more stuff and try to give more details.
    Suggestions, criticism, and questions are all welcome.
    I hope this helps someone.
    I am not a chef, nutritionist,Dr or anything special. Just a normal guy trying to eat better and live healthier.

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    Dang can?t say my diet looks this good lol looks like I got some work to do ha

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    I have streamlined my eating style and made it simple.
    For me that has made it successful and easier to maintain. I know others that are constantly planning, finding recipes or mixing things up all the time. It seems that burns a lot of folks out and they give up.
    It doesn?t always work for me every day. Example is today I ended up 800 calories short of 3000. Other days I struggle to keep it on track. I use under armor my fitness pal to help me track. I eat a lot of the same thing so I don?t track every day cause I just copy the day before.
    I also try for a gallon of water every day and 2 gallons in the summer.

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    Is the 1153g of protien for your meals spread 3 times a day a typo?

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    Food log

    Look like a typo
    153 grams protein over three meals
    Try to get 40-50 at a time.
    Not always exact
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    Not sure what happened to my original post or another one I posted here. I think a moderator has to approve them. I am sure they are busy and just haven?t got to them yet.

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    Nice and simple plan. This makes is easier to stick to and track how your body is changing. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing I like learning new things from others.

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