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Thread: First tren cycle

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    First tren cycle

    First cycle with Tren

    27 years old
    229 pounds

    200MG/week Tren Ace
    500MG/week Test 350MG
    Anavar 60MG ED
    Arimadex EOD 1MG (estrogen sensitive)
    Proviron EOD

    I have N2guard on hand, liver support and “cycle support” capsules. My real question here is if there’s any other supplements/safety precautions you guys would suggest in terms of vitamins.

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    Possibly vitamin b6 to control prolactin. As this is your first time some may recommend caber but at 200mg/week you can probably get away with B6

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    im taking 400mg B6 daily for prolactin on 400mg tren e per week. No issues with gyno or prolactin. However sex drive isnt as great as before but i think thats because i took my test from 400mg to 250, i also think caber would help as well.

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    thanks guys, sounds good. Just purchased some B6

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    if you are over 300 mg of tren, i would highly recommend going with caber and not depending on b6... if you stay below that, then b6 should be fine but you still need to monitor bloodwork because everyone is different on how they respond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billhen View Post
    thanks guys, sounds good. Just purchased some B6
    I'd recommend getting caber. That's likely not enough

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