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Thread: Proviron

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    Hey guys quick question, what is proviron really used for? Can it be used to increase libido? Or what are the uses of it when used with test and NPP.

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    Proviron is used to supplement DHT. It's good for libido, muscle hardness, lowering estrogen (to a certain degree) just to name a few off the top of my head. It's pure DHT in a pill so remember that. Some love DHT and some try to avoid it. I prefer Masteron for some reason it's easier on my Prostate than Proviron.
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    Thanks, and if i choose proviron do you recommend he injectable
    Or pill form?

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    What your stats and goals? Depends on what you're going for what your age is there are many factors.

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    Am 196 with 15% BF , goals are to get to 280-175 cut but also looking a bit bulky hats why i added the NPP. Also taking adex as well as prami. I am 32 y/o. Everything doing awesome Maybe some drop in libido.

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    That’s why am considering proviron

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    Proviron 50mg ed may help you a little it's worth a shot. Oral is all you really need. You can use injectable if you're pinning ed you can add it to your oils but orals are easier.

    Honestly it sounds like your Prami isn't doing it's job. Do you have any Caber? I used Caber and Masteron for my Tren cycle and I had no libido issues whatsoever.

    What's your Test / NPP ratio?

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    650/300 Test high

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    To be more specific m/w/f 100mg of NPP wan day and Monday and Friday enanthate 600 mg total

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    You would be better served injecting mast then eating proviron in my opinion

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