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Thread: First time sarms + iso and exercise advice please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ismavanillacake View Post
    Ho all the DGA POST CT has been unavailable for sale for many months now... what substitutes do people recommend ?
    n2generate or n2guard for dga organ st

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    N2Genreate is a great test booster and a good replacement.
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    Hi I have been through the sticky?s but I can?t find just a basic instruction on how to take these sarms ... eg how to measure and take these recommended doses... sorry for really dumb question but could
    Somebody please point me to a really basic ?how to?? Thank you!

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    First time sarms + iso and exercise advice please

    Each bottle has 30 ml in it. That is 30 servings. Each serving is 1 ml.
    Gw 50156 is 20 mg per 1 ml. you take one dropper full which is 1 ml. Squirt in your mouth once per day in the morning. Yes it taste like shit but you get use to it. Most of them are suspended in some type of alcohol so it has a little sting to it.
    Super easy. Take them all together then rinse your mouth with water or something. Swallow and move on with your day.

    S23 is 20 mg per ml.
    So take first dose of .5 ml and second dose .5 ml total 1 ml per day
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    slyder gave you a good explanation... i'll be making a video at some point for with instructions as well...

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    Honestly if your juts working out at home I would say save the cycle until the gyms open or you can get your hands on some free weights and bars. Doing push ups and pull ups and dips is really just a step better then nothing. I was doing that with some resistant bands and what little free weights I could find until I found a gym open during lockdown and I lost so much muscle.

    I know other may say differ I?m just offering my two cents.

    Iv never tried N2generate I usually buy my test boosting supplements individually so I can take max clinical dosage. I do recommend you try Akarakara/pellitory two names great ingriedient not to many know about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmi View Post
    great setup here and please make sure you use a lot of people saying they got fake stuff elsewhere
    True. Everything can be faked nowadays.

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    Brilliant- thank you!

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