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Thread: First Time SARMs Cycle

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    First Time SARMs Cycle

    Hi guys, Iím new to the SARMs industry and want to take lifting to the next level. Iíve been lifting consistently for two years now. My stats are 18, 173lbs, 13%ish body fat, and 5í7Ē. Iíve done extensive research but donít consider myself a professional at all. For my first cycle I plan on doing an 8 week run of 10mg LGD and 20mg Ostarine. I have a few questions hoping to be answered. Am I able to continue my use of pre workout during this cycle? Also, what are the times that I should take each dose. Lastly, I donít think itís necessary to use any on cycle support, but for PCT the stack I am buying comes with Clomid and Nolvadex, are these necessary, if so I should I use them? Sorry for so many questions but I want to be as thorough as possible, thanks.
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    At 18 youíre still a bit young to be using sarms brother ... obviously theyíre not as suppressive as steroids, but still.... I would wait another 2 years bro

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    I'm sorry bud but we can't advise you on any kind of PED use at 18 years old. You are too young

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    noone is going to advise a teenager to use any sort of ped bro

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