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    Potential Cycle

    Hey guys, I'm currently 150 pounds at 6 foot and I've been lifting for well over 2 years now and I've seen tremendous strength gains but not a lot of additive muscle. I am considering doing some sort of Sarm stack and I'm curious as to which one would be best for me. I am currently taking MK 677 as it heavily increases hunger which I need and I'm looking for something to add on to it. I took LGD 4033 for around a week before I had an allergic reaction to it which may not have been due to the actual compound. Any advice is welcome!

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    Hey brotha so working out for 2 years but how old are you?

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    As AWM asked, how old are you.

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    the reason you had an allergic reaction was probably due to the quality you have.. .where did you get your sarms?

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    Sorry for the late responses everyone! I'm currently 21 and I started working out midway through my Senior Year in highschool. I was on the wrestling team so I had done some weight training then but not with a specific regiment and diet. As for the allergic reaction I listened to @DylanGemelli and stopped taking the phony sarms that I bought and the allergic reaction went away. I play on buying my sarms from since that seems to be the most trusted source that I have found as of right now. I just don't know wether the actual LGD or something else within the pill.

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