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Thread: First steriod cycle

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    First steriod cycle

    Hey I'm looking at doing my first cycle, and I was hoping I could get some of the experts opinions on it. I'm going to do a 12 week cycle as follows
    DBol 30mg wks 1-5
    Test E 500mg wks 1-12
    Deca 200mg wks 1-12 (might not cycle on my first go)

    Pct 2 weeks after with nolva, clomid, aromasin, a SARM, N2Guard, and dutasteride so I dont lose my hair.

    is this a good beginner cycle. I'm 6'00", 155lbs, worked out off and on for the past 4 year but have never really bulked. how much weight can I expect to gain?

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    First steroid cycles are Test only so you can learn how to control estrogen. Definitely no Dbol or Deca on a first cycle. 350mg Test only is plenty.... It's a marathon not a sprint. If you're concerned about DHT stick with something natural like Saw Palmetto definitely no Finasteride or Dutasteride or you're just asking for trouble.

    Please post your full stats and goals...



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    6 foot tall and 155 is way too undersized to be starting steroids. You need to build a good proper natural foundation first. It looks like theres obvious holes in your diet

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    6í 155...

    Your training/diet could use more focus for sure. I personally think a cycle is the last thing you need until your working out consistently and build a solid foundation.

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    I'm Japanese I have a small build in general. my body fat percentage is 12% and I'm 23. At my biggest I was 170 but I dirty bulked and lost alot of weight during my cut. I'

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    Are you tracking calories, how many days do you workout per week, what are you eating? Iíve got a Japanese friend from college still that is 5í9 190 natural and lean. Itís doable bro... cycles are just a quick fix in many cases. Your just going to go back to where you started if you havenít developed muscle maturity and built a foundation. I feel like you just need more consistency with diet/training before you just dive straight into a cycle especially a stack that your speaking of. A first cycle is test only. Not to mention 200mg deca is not going to do a whole lot for you. You need to learn how to deal with E2 control and prolactin before you use deca or especially dbol. Both of those compounds aromatize and the last you want is no libido, and to look like a marshmallow with leaking nips. I would try gaining 15 pounds naturally, see where you are and then maybe consider sarms or possibly a test cycle. Itís a marathon not a sprint brother.

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    23 is too young for steroids. You need to wait a couple more years at least.

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    For my height how big do you think I could get naturally.

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    you are WAY too young and WAY WAY WAY too undersized... i dont care what nationality you are... that has nothing to do with anything... you should easily be 175 MINIMUM at 6'0 and thats even considered light...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHOZO64 View Post
    For my height how big do you think I could get naturally.
    Eat, lift, sleep and eat again...

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