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Thread: First run of hgh...need advice

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    Looks good. I just use bacteriostatic water which is easy to find and buy on line.

    Nice to see someone who does their research.

    Keep us posted as you go...

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    Will do ! Thanks man I try I always do that even running gear I researched every compound even ones I wouldn't be running to obtain all the knowledge I needed to bounce off people and to come up with my own conclusions to test out as well ....I look forward to this run ordered it 2 days ago and opted for the most expensive fastest shipping ...heard back from her jjst now and its lunar new year there so she said in a few days itll ship and I'll get tracking then hopefully it arrives soon I'm thinking roughly a week or 2 max definitely no longer since I choose the fastest route to get it eager to start so figured if go that way and get it as fast as I can I will definitely post all progress and my feelings about and on it as well as my experience and I'll welcome any added advice and knowledge along the way ! Look forward to it been running cycles for years but never hgh and now I will be so I'm eager to see the added benefits and results from it and how things turn out thanks everyone I appreciate u alll!! Let the GAINS begin !

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    I got my hgh in but I read last night that keeping the dried form in the freezer kills it ?? Put mine in for about 10 hours until I read that and swapped back to fridge with the solution....what is the suggested storage and popular opinion for hgh storage to maintain potency??

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    I store mine in refrigerator dry and mixed. So far so good...

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    Ok cool I read dry in freezer mixed in fridge but then read that even freezing dry ruins it ?? Already had mine in there for 10 hours by then but moved it back to fridge am I ok or did I ruin it never ran HGH and reading 2 diff things has me worried I may have ruined 3 kits of hgh

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    You should be fine. Just fridge from now on...

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