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Thread: Female Banned Nutrition/ SARMS

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    Female Banned Nutrition/ SARMS

    I just got my stack from ESARMS... I have to say, they were awesome and adjusted to create the stack I needed & have used before. Shipping and customer service was top notch!

    12wk cycle:
    - GW / CARDARINE 20 mg / day
    - S4 / ANDARINE 50 mg day
    - Ostarine 12.5 mg per day first two weeks then bump to 25 mg per day.

    But they also included 2 bottles of the Cordzol an 1 bottle M1 MK as well, which I am stoked about but not entirely sure how / when to incorporate.

    Little background: (I have posted full bio prior)
    I’m a female powerlifter. 130lb. 15+ yrs lifting. 42yrs old

    I’ve run the above SARMS cycle with great results. Obviously being a powerlifter I’m more concerned with #s lifted than anything but I am also small and need to stay within weight.

    Last cycle result:
    SQ - pre 320 / post 370
    Bench - pre 225 / post 255
    DL - pre 385 / 455

    What was most impressive is that I maintained BW and continues s to stay lean while losing fat, gaining strength and muscle mass.

    I am super excited to see what the next cycle brings, especially with the new vendor / product.

    I’m looking for any help/ feedback you guys might have for a female and the use of the Banned Nutrition sups in conjunction with this up coming cycle.

    I’d be happy to share my progress/ results as I haven’t seen any female posts yet about ESARMS results, though I know they’re just getting started so it’s to be expected.


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    absolutely awesome... im really looking forward to your results... take a look at this thread...

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    Very nice. Curious to see how everything goes for you

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