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Thread: First post. Finishing 30 day LGD and GW, need advice.

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    First post. Finishing 30 day LGD and GW, need advice.

    Hi, I am on day 27 of my cycle now. Been taking 10mg LGD first thing in the morning (tastes like booty so i chase it with juice) and then 15mg of GW 30 min before my workout.

    Age: 24
    Height : 6ft
    Weight : 206
    Body fat % : 15%
    Been training for a year but only REALLY took it seriously these past couple months.

    I have packed on about 4-5lbs, working out heavy 6 times a week with some cardio. Very high protein intake and low carb etc. Mostly greens with meats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and a lot of eggs. Clean eating.

    I got this from peptides warehouse, however I have researched a little more and cannot find much information on how legit it is and want to make sure I am not taking something bad for me. I have found two other places (ion and proven peptides). After a lot of research, I want to stick to liquid form and ask if any of you have experience with any of these 3 sources and can confirm if its clean?

    Also, I want to do a 12 week cycle on LGD and GW and then PCT for 4 weeks, considering it is my first cycle, would you recommend 8 weeks or 12 right off the bat? Just trying to get some opinions from vets. I have done countless hours of research but it's best hearing from someone whose done it themselves.

    I am in the U.S btw.

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    peptides warehouse was kicked off the site for scamming people... they were also attempting to force their reps to leave fake reviews on other sites... they are TERRIBLE... to actually have to be kicked off the site means they were doing many things wrong

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    Thank you, won't be buying from them again. I figured since they have sent me 2 e-mails with 52-54% off coupons. Doesn't sound real. It's worked so far with no side effects, but suspiscious and concerned as to what is actually going in my body. Thinking Provenpeptides since they have decent reviews, good customer service and proof of testing. Any thoughts?
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    proven peptides is worse... do a search on the forum about them.. stay a million fucking miles from them... NEVER buy sarms from a peptide store

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