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    Good afternoon, all. I'm new to the site and am trying to get my ass back in shape inspire of multiple injuries. Figured this would be a good place to get advice and see what others are doing. I'm 46 yo, 5'7", 200lbs. Not sure what my body fat percentage is, but I've trimmed off most of the fat and have visible veins on my abs and thighs again..... I'm not looking to compete, just stay in good shape and continue to get stronger.

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    Good luck buddy, have you got a preferred sport you're trying to get fit for or is this just Gym work?

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    Definitely want to focus on training and diet until you get back to your peak condition before introducing AAS. What does your current routine look like?

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    Hey, Gents. No particular sport in mind, just trying to get back to my "fighting" weight, so just gym work. Football and wrestling as a kid, but just stuck with weights/power lifting in college days and steady gym after that. Current job has me traveling nearly every week so I got out of the "habit" of making time for weights. Seems I always had some excuse. Ate too much, drank too much..... Got divorced this year, had to put one of my dogs down... It's been a shit year. Finally got myself motivated again and am in the gym every day I'm home and find a way to do something when I'm on the road. Cut way back on drinking (never really got drunk, but 3-4 IPAs a night add quite a few calories. I keep a pretty strict diet now so between the gym and diet, I've cut way down and am back to a 32" waist for the first time in probably 15 years. My biggest challenge is injuries.... I've had neck surgery back in 2000 (ACDF C5-C6), and currently have severe stenosis at C3-C4, and C6-C7. I've had surgery on my right shoulder twice already (labral tear/SLAP, calcific tendonitis, AC joint spurring, bursitis), and the labrum is torn again right now.... I had surgery on my left shoulder back in May to remove a bunch of calcium from the RTC/joint space, which is actually doing pretty damn good. I've torn up both knees at different times but they keep healing themselves. I currently lift pretty heavy (old power lifting habits), but can't do barbell bench anymore because it bothers my left shoulder. Oddly enough, I can do dumbbell bench with 120s and it doesn't hurt at all. Go figure. Don't do any overhead press anymore. I've done a couple cycles before intermittently, but never consistent. Also tried HGH once in hopes it would help the shoulders heal. I actually just got back on test through a hormone replacement specialist because my test was at 129.... (normal range is between 250-1100). Test I'm taking ethanate 200; 1ml a week. He also prescribed arimidex and HCG as well. I'd post a picture but have no idea how.

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    welcome to isarms bro

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