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Thread: Finer details for a pct LGD 4033

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    Finer details for a pct LGD 4033

    Hi all,

    So after reading many forums and articles, i decided to order LGD 4033 and take 10mg ed for 12 weeks.
    As for the pct im not to sure what to take, how much and for how long. The verdict atm is all over the place, where some people recommend a 8 week break while others recommend a full or mini pct cycle.

    One more question which is a bit off topic. I will be travelling on holiday for a few days soon, would you suggest to start the cycle after i come back, and for future reference, if i did start the cycle and had to travel for whatever reason what should be done?

    Any advice on this would be real useful!


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    you run a mini pct 4 weeks...

    Mini pct

    clomid 50/25/25/25
    gw-501516 20 mg day

    start the cycle when you come back... you dont want to miss days... that clearly takes away from the results of the cycle...

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