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Thread: First Cycle - Questions & Goals

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    First Cycle - Questions & Goals

    I'm 33 Years Old
    190 lbs
    22% body fat
    4 Years of serious training

    Considering the following first cycle:

    Week 1-6 : 250mg test-e (twice per week) so total of 500mg per week
    Week 8-12 : Clomid 100mg/ed Novaldex 20mg/ed Aromasin 15mg/ed

    The goal here is to put on lean muscle while ending up at less than 15% body fat.

    I feel really silly asking this, but everywhere I read, people on cycles are looking to bulk up, whereas I want to build muscle but I want to basically look "aesthetically good". Thats my goal. Drop down to 15% fat, develop a bit of a chest, back, some abs, etc.

    Is this cycle a positive step in that direction.

    I'm relatively athletic and capable in the gym; take usual supplements, multi vitamins, green tea extract, etc.
    For my training, I'm using standard pre workout powders plus whey protein

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    Well bro, you can't safely cycle with your body fat being that high. You need to get into much better condition and get your bodyfat under 15% BEFORE cycling.

    You need a much better diet from the looks of it.

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    Wow, thats something that I haven't picked up Anywhere yet, thank you for that, RickRock !!!!!

    So even with a relatively light cycle (I was told test e only is a very light and good beginner's cycle), you still think my body fat is too high? Is it unsafe, or do you just think that I won't see any benefit from the cycle?

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    Proper nutrition and diet determine fat loss, not cycling. At 190lbs and 22% BF, you have about 42lbs of total fat on your body (22x1.9=41.8). 15x1.9=28.5lbs In order to get from 22% to 15%, you would need to lose about 13.5lbs of actual fat, not including water and glycogen. Your not going to lose 13.5lbs of actual fat in 6 weeks. A 6 week cycle of Test E doesn't make any sense, takes 4-6 weeks to get into your system.

    Not trying to be a dick, but after 4 years of training and 22% BF, we need to take a look at your nutrition cause something is not right. Going from 22% to 15% can be done easily without cycling bro.

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    Not at all guys, I've been looking for answers for ages and so many forums take weeks to reply. I'm really appreciating this.

    I think I've given some wrong info though. So, when I last measured body fat, it was about 10 months ago.

    My weight was 179 lbs and BF% 17.1. However I still had a belly. Now I'm about 189lbs so I anticipated being 22%.

    Uploading a pic for my profile so you guys get a better view of my physique.

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    Your body fat is far too high at this time... dont be discouraged by any means because u can get to where u need to be but its quite a ways away at this point

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    Not at all Dylan ! I needed info and I've been told by some of my friends who have less BF to gonon cycle as they are as well. So I was prepping for my test-e cycle , and was expecting to get a little bit jacked and shredded.

    Clearly it isn't thing thing for me just yet !!

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    No it isn't but like Dylan says don't be discouraged. Why put yourself at unnecessary risk by running a cycle at too high bf?

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    Can you give us a breakdown of what your diet looks like? Diet is where you need to start

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