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Thread: first cycle questions

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    first cycle questions

    Hey guys,

    Im about to start my first cycle of ostarine (MK-2866) and Cardarine (GW-501516). I have done a lot of research up to this point but there are still a few questions that I haven't really found an answer to.

    1. Would taking a thermogenic fat burner have a negative affect on the fat loss I would get from taking these 2 SARMs? I’m trying to get leaner while putting on a little muscle.

    2. I just got done cutting so I’m trying to LEAN bulk, so I don’t throw the results of my cut right out the window. So how much of a caloric surplus can I be at before the extra calories turns to fat? (My body tends to carry a little bit of fat)

    3. Some days I workout twice a day. How should I dose my SARMs between an AM/PM training split with Low intensity cardio (walking at an incline) in the early morning and resistance training in the afternoon/evening?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Taking a fat burner is fine, and they won't negatively impact the sarms.

    The amount of calories that can be consumed per person is individual based, so nobody can tell you how much you can consume without pitting on fat. 500 over maintenance is a good place to start

    Dose your cardarine 30 minutes before your morning cardio, and dose your mk2866 at the same time

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    1. no it would not have any negative effect

    2. thats individual based... i would start at 150-200 and go from there

    3. it makes no difference whatsoever... you can dose gw near training but its not necessary... just dose them both in the morning...

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    Another question: would taking a natural test booster while taking the mk-2866 have any negative impact on my results?

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    of course it would not... i have no idea why you would even think that?

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