Can I have some advice on my steroid cycle and PCT?

Age : 29
Height 160 cm
Weight 64 kg
Fat% 10-13
Goal : gain muscle and maintain around 10% body fat.
Lifting Experience : 4 years

Steroid Cycle
Week 1-10: test-e 300mg/week.
Week 1-15 : Aromasin 12.5mg/EOD

week 12-15: nolvadex 20/20/10/10 mg/day
week 12-15: Aromasin 12.5/EOD
week 12-15: mk-2866 25mg/day
week 12-15: gw-501516 20mg/day

Do I need to adjust my cycle and pct?
and I'm not sure about dose because I'm not a tall guy.
After PCT ends should I stop taking SARMs?
and how can I know when I can stop PCT? Should I run blood work and after my blood profile back to normal then I stop PCT?

Thank you