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Thread: First Cycle ever... Please help!

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    First Cycle ever... Please help!

    Hi all,

    Hi all, I'm Ale. I want to thank you for all the info you provide in this forum. It helped me undarstanding a lot about steroids and right way to use them. I still have some questions though.

    So, after weeks of online reading, and lots of arguments with my partner (she's a natty PT/nutritionist and she doesn't like the idea, but would help with training and diet program if I'm going for it anyway), I decided to use AAS and I planned a basic first cycle (I am bias towards var + test cycle). I am a bit worried to be honest and I want it as a test to my body reaction, so I'm thinking lower doses.

    My Stats:

    Age : 32.
    Training : 1.5 years.
    Weight : 88kg/194 lbs.
    Height : 5'11".
    Body Fat : 25% (not quite sure; I just used the most basic, probably inaccurate, method; neck and waist measurement).
    Note: I used to be a chubby kid, so I have some loose-ish skin around my belly and that adds few cm to my waist circumference.

    Main goals:

    - Get as lean as possible (not getting massive gain though + FAT LOSS)
    - Improve energy levels and motivation to train
    - Maintain or increase strength levels


    Week 1-8 ? 300mg/week Testosterone Cypionate
    Week 9-12 ? 75mg/eod Testosterone Propionate
    Week 5-12 ? 30mg/ed Anavar
    Week 1-12 ? xx mg/eod Aromasin


    Week 1-12 ? xxmg Nolvadex + xx mg Clomid

    Now my questions:

    1-) Do I need hcg in this first cyle? (week 9,10,11,12 = xx ui per week?) Or this pct is enough for recovery?
    2-) And lastly, Do I need MK-2866/ostarine and MK-2866/Endurobol at any point? and If so, when and what dosage?
    3) Would a var + clen + test cycle yield better results? Or is it too much for a first cycle?

    Please exuce my "noobiness", but better to ask silly questions than be sorry later.

    Note: if the entire thing sounds horrible, could someone please suggest a modest test + var cycle with pct that I can follow? I am aware of body to body differences and I'll be doing blood tests accordingly, but I need a plan to start with.

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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    26-28% body fat? Way too high!

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    Ok so first thing you have only been trying for a year and you want to get on a cycle? That right there is a no for me.

    Your body fat is to high as well.

    You just barely go into lifting you don?t even know if you like it or not. Considering the fact that your 31 and just barely started lifting tells me this prob isn?t your thing and aged def not ready for gear.

    Also you cycle above is trash.

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    Ha this would be one of the few time is would tell someone nah bro there girl is right you should listen to her haha

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    With only one year training and bodyfat that high its far too premature to run a cycle right now

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm here to hear from experienced people like you before doing something I may regret if done incorrectly.

    Again, the main reason I'm concidering this is to boost weight loss along with muscle synthesis a little bit. Yes, I am very new to all of this, didn't grow up lifting and never considered such a thing before, but my cali trainer, along with my partner, noticed a very fast progress in my strength compared to most beginnners relative to my wourkout rate and the time I've been training, and he suggested considering anavar cycle.

    The cycle I mentioned may sound trash, but this is why I'm here, right? Although I read it somewhere else so I didn't make it up.

    Lastly, I may or may not go for the cycle now, or possible postpone it for a later time based on your opinions. Either way, it would be good to have a proper cycle in hand though.

    P.S: I checked my actualy training start dates and it's been actually 1.5 years. I know it's no big difference, but wanted to be more accurate + body fat measurement is very basic, and loose skin adds few cm to my circumference that affect the measurement.

    Thanks again.
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    Hey bud. I have to agree that you need to wait. You can't count on substances to replace hard work. Those numbers can be done without any A As and the side effects that come with them. Glad you asked ahead, but you wily be doing more harm then good. Eat better, train harder. Cheers!

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    Definitely work on your diet and training first and foremost and get into the proper condition first.

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    it has zero to do with the cycle being trash, you are not hearing everyone man.. who said anything about that? its about you bro... your mindset here and your condition... its one thing to run sarms at an elevated body fat or peptides etc... steroids, no, not even remotely close...

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    Thank you all for the replies. They were definitely helpful!

    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    it has zero to do with the cycle being trash, you are not hearing everyone man.. who said anything about that? its about you bro... your mindset here and your condition... its one thing to run sarms at an elevated body fat or peptides etc... steroids, no, not even remotely close...
    Quote Originally Posted by RUCingdsgainz View Post
    Also you cycle above is trash.
    not my words.

    I understand you point of course, and I would appreciate if you, and other members, give me an advice on alternatives for effective weight loss supplements, beside the diet. I was thinking anavar or clen mainly for the fat burning effects. But if there is non-steroids that have similar effects, I can try that until I get to a point where I consider roids?

    Thanks again!

    Again I see your point here regarding steroids atm. I think I got a bit carried away with my trainers and wanted to speed up the process a bit.

    This is my progress of fat loss/strength training in ~ 8 weeks (training 4 days a week at home during lockdown)

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