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    First cycle client

    Hey Dylan, Iím 29 years old on September 5th. Iím 6Ē3 relatively healthy 194lbs. Intermediate level weight lifter with maxes of 225,415,445. Bench squat dead lift. Very little muscle mass more of a basketball player build Iím african American. I am considering a cycle of 250mg testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks with your recommended pct of sarms and Aromatase inhibitors.
    I recently had my pre cycle blood work done. I have attached my blood results and I am willing to be a paid client. It looks like Iím extremely vitamin D deficient which is contributing to low energy and I have a low free test level relative to my serum ďI thinkĒ. Could you please analayze my blood and tell me if itís a good option to start a cycle of test or should I use proviron or mastering to bring my natural levels up? Iím focusing on esthetics only and I have never done a cycle before this will be first time.

    Thanks so much

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    you dont use steroids to get your levels up... they will suppress your test levels... you are relatively light for being 6'3" and could gain more on your own..

    i dont see your bloodwork here so i dont know how to answer your question on analyzing it when i dont have anything to analyze...

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    I emailed you my bloodwork in the same email as the question. I know exogenous testosterone is suppressive but if I’m a 592 nd/DL at healthy 29 years old and my free testosterone is 1.3 ng/DL. I have clinically low free test that’s why I asked if I should cycle to bring my free test levels up exogenously. I have all the symptoms of hypogonadism. Since my serum levels werent that far off from normal I asked if you would recommend masteron/proviron/ testosterone to improve my symptoms of hypoganadism. I qualify for TRT, so I’m trying to see what my options are. The forum doesn’t give me the option to attach my bloodwork it is in pdf.

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    trt is one thing but your total is right where it needs to be... your free test is very low but cycling steroids makes no sense... im curious what your shbg number is

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    My globulin is 3.3g per dL and my albumin is 4.7g per dL total blood protein is 8g per dL reference range high end is 8.5 so I will get the lab run to know my SHBG for sure but I wouldn¬ít need be surprised if it¬ís on the high end considering my free test. I asked about the cycle of proviron because it has higher binding affinity to shbg than testosterone so in theory it could raise my free testosterone by binding to shbg before the test can. I know I need something because I have the symptoms that¬ís why I¬ím asking what you would recommend. My bloodwork was included in email. [email protected]

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    i need to know your shbg to determine if that will help or not... im not a psychic

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