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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    Hello All!

    Happy New Year!

    Im new here and also to cycles...


    Typically "Healthy As A Horse" from the doctor. Though I have a higher BF% than I should.

    I want to do a Halodrol Cycle and just need a little information on the stack...below is what I have in mind....

    Pre Cycle:
    Assault Labs Blockade
    Hi-Tech Pharm Arimiplex

    On Cycle:

    S4S Nolvadex

    Aside from this, Multi Vitamin + ECA + Proper Nutrition....

    Any input is appreciated and any questions Ill answer as best as I can...Thank you fam!

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    why would you ever run a prohormone man? thats just a waste... what is your body fat? it doesnt sound like you are in the right condition to use a steroid or prohormone either...

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    Ya dude pro hormones are for teenagers who can?t inject lol joking aside there is no reason to do pro hormones they are just all around in healthy and not worth the side effects(shut down of natural test and toxicity...)

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