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    First Cycle

    Hi Dylan

    I am 39 and have never take any IPEDS, I workout regularly and would just like to know if Proviron will shut down natural testosterone production?

    I would also like to know if Testosterone Undeconate capsules (Virigen testocaps) would be effective for a testosterone base as I do not wish to inject myself.

    I would also like to know if Anavar, Proviron and Testosterone Undeconate capsules would be a good idea to run as a cycle.

    I would also like to know what pct I should run after using any of the above.

    I enjoy watching your channel and appreciate the information you provide and hope you can find the time to answer my questions.


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    what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat?

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    Hi sorry for the late reply

    Im 39 years 5.6" 76kg or 167 lbs and 18% BF according to a machine in the Gym

    Thank you in advance

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    Testosterone capsules??? Wth... Please don't mess with any of that. You're not even close to being in shape for a steroid cycle. You need to work on your diet first and foremost and get below 15% preferably 12%. SARMS would be a better option for you at your stage of fitness.

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    a few things..

    1. your body fat is too high

    2. you dont really have any idea what you are talking about which is very dangerous to say the least

    3. if you dont want to inject, dont use steroids

    sarms would be the best option for you moving forward, not steroids

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    You definitely need to get into better shape before using steroids

    Sarms are a great option for you

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