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Thread: First AAS cycle (test e + Dbol) Questions

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    Understood and makes total sense! Thanks for you input brother.

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    Cbbram cleared up pretty much what I was going to say. There's a reason we say test only the first cycle. Dbol even at low doses, still aromatizes and it makes no sense to add in that factor when you don't even know how you'll do with test yet. People have differing sensitivities to estrogen and doing too much too soon is how you end up with gyno and other side effects.

    Btw, what are your full stats? You never posted them
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    I am 26 yrs old, 78kg currently. Have not measured bodyfat recently, but I would estimate it to be somewhere around 13-15%. I've been on a deficit for way too long - dropped down from 96kg initially. My height is 181cm.

    I have been training for 5 years now. I have issues with my left shoulder, popping and cracking and lower back as well. So I try to train smart instead of too heavy. I train PPL routine x2/week. During cycle I will consume 2800-3200 cals, altering if needed be. Protein 45%, Carbs 35%, Fats 20%.

    I'm sorry if my response/text is all over the place. Its my first account on BB forum so I'm not sure if thats what you wanted to know by your question. Any critique regarding training, nutrition is more than welcome. I have also done pre bloods; my total test was 23(nmol/l) and free test 278(pmol/l). My SHBG was 50(nmol/l) which explains the low free test. They did not test Estradiol, but I assume the SHGB indicates strongly my estradiol is high as well and that I likely aromatize easily? Also Prolactin 187(mIU/l), TSH 1,97(mIU/l). LH 3,83 (IU/i)

    I was on antibiotics when I did this bloodwork, I got sick before and had to do the test then on antibiotics, because I had to go back to Sweden to study and in Sweden its very difficult to do the tests. Also I was eating between 1500-1800 cals a day and still hitting gym and I think that is part reason for my low test, because my fat intake was very low, which obviously affected my hormones - I know, I was stupid.

    Please if you have anything to say on that feel free

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