Hey everyone,

I've seen some previous threads on this, but wanted to sort of collect the my ideas here and see what y'alls thoughts were.

I've been taking finasteride for over a year now, I was originally hesitant to ever try it because of the famed sexual side effects, and had a couple buddies who completely lost boners after starting. However my hair loss seemed to stabilize the last few years and I got a FUE transplant to fix it up, which I'm very happy with and the doctor suggested to at least try it out. Luckily, I have had no dip in libido or quality of erections, however I definitely have reduced semen volume which is another noted side effect but which I can live with.

Anyways to the main question -> how does taking a DHT blocker like finasteride fit into the chemistry of a cycle or PCT? Say I'm going to stay on finasteride, what should I do/not do on cycle or PCT to make sure I'm taking care of any sides and getting max gains?

The next cycle I was looking at for later in the year was Test + Deca, which is famed also for it's deca dick. From my understanding, Deca causes this because it haults natural direct DHT production in prostate/testes, and thats why some recommend proviron on cycle to provide a bit external DHT for sexual functioning. Finasteride is a 5-alpha-reductase reducer, which is the enzyme active in the prostate and hair follicle that converts T to DHT. So potentially here I'm having both DHT production slowed, and conversion from T to DHT halted as well.

I don't fully know all that DHT is required for or beneficial for beyond that, so I guess my question is: if I'm on test + deca + finasteride, and potentially have 'zero' DHT during cycle, should I take something else to mitigate any resulting sides there? Once done, do I need anything additional to recover in PCT? Should I still consider supplementing with proviron on cycle (I'm thinking DHT in general is not a risk to hair, just the conversion of DHT specifically at the hair follicles, so maybe supplementing some external DHT is fine).