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Thread: Final Cycle Pics for my mega recomp cycle!

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    Final Cycle Pics for my mega recomp cycle!

    sorry for the lack of updates... my cycle was completed on Sunday and it is FAR and AWAY the most successful cycle i have ever ran... I ended up at 206, up 26 pounds from the start of the cycle... i would say it was definitely a success and generally side effect free... i am so tired of the night sweats with tren but other than that, things have been excellent... my strength is on another level and the size is the best i have had... i am going to be constantly looking for more and hopefully after the next cycle i do, will be in the 215-220 range... that will be the most ideal and that's where i will be the happiest... i am going on my cruise now with test 150, deca 150, proviron 50 mg and the sarms GW501516, MK2866, S4 and RAD 140... I am looking to not only maintain but add to everything i have worked so hard for... i can't thank everyone enough for the ongoing support and encouragement... here are pics from today..

    image of a safe

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    Nice work man,, It's nice to see the dedication pays off ,when all said & done. Especially, when all goals are achieved!!!!

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    U look great man.. u shot way past ur weight range goal and u still stayed lean like u wanted to all along...keep it up long have cruising for

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    Very good look all good size

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    Hell yea buddy great gains...I can remember if u did a ment cycle but if u did what would u choose Tren or ment cycle? As far as gains and side effects?

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    Good shit, and your cruise the stuff u posted is once a week ?

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    Very nice man! 215-220 will be solid for your frame in my opinion and i know you can get there.

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    Great job man.

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    Nice work bro. You got those delts popin

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    Great work dude!!!

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