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Thread: Fertility/trt question

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    Fertility/trt question

    Hey Dylan!

    So I just want to say I am from cedar Rapids, Iowa and just realized you are a native as well. I been watching your videos since about 8 years ago. I greatly appreciate your knowledge.. I have been running test 175mg/wk with aromasin 3x/wk 25mg and 60mg of raloxifene daily. Started 7 years ago. I feel great. Its helped my depression and anxiety incredibly well. I have not been approved by a doctor as I am 27 years old.

    My Gf and I have been trying to have a child. With no success. Found my sperm count is basically 0. My lh is >1 and fsh is super low as well... I doubt my urologist would prescribe hcg which I know would help me conceive a child.. I am very anxious and don't want to go through going off completely just worries me and i have a lot of my table...

    Was hoping u could be of help or share experiences you've heard...

    Thank you so much for your time

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    being that you started using steroids at 20 years old and have just stayed on like this... im not saying its impossible but its going to be extremely difficult... hcg on its own wont do a damn thing... hmg is the key to all of that... hcg is just a mall piece of the puzzle... the combination that is needed is hmg, hcg and clomid... thats at least your best option...

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    You have quite an uphill battle ahead of you. The stack dylan laid out is your best bet, but your chances at this point are extremely limited unless you come off and try to recover your natural test and sperm production

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