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    Fertility question

    Hey Dylan, I am a huge fan of your channel. I'm big into powerlifting and have done it for over 10 years now. I'm 23 years old and always had a problem with low testosterone. I went to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with hypogonadism. My total testosterone level was 199! So I got tired of screwing around with blood tests and trying to get it prescribed, I have a buddy that I have been getting testosterone off of since March, 2018. I've been taking 250 mg/wk of Test Cyp and feel great. I've made great gains, went from a 365 bench to 415 within a few months, went from 198lbs to a solid 220 with lower body fat and have felt great ever since I got on. I do have a concern though which is my fertility. I am going to be getting married in a few months and I want kids maybe next year or the year after. So, my question is this. In your opinion what should I do to maintain my fertility? I know test will lower my sperm count and I don't want to take it for years and have the chances of having a kid get fucked up, I see bodybuilders doing it though so it must be capable of being done. Through research I have seen the two popular ones are HCG and Clomid. I have taken clomid before and i do feel as though I noticed a difference. Any tips on what I should do for my fertility? I really don't want to get off testosterone as I don't want to go back to feeling like shit again, thanks and I look forward to hearing back!

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    the fertility protocol is hmg, hcg and clomid... it will likely take you 3-4 months on those three but hmg is the key here... its the most difficult to get but its a must on this...

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    HCG and HMG are key for men, maybe throw in some FSH too if you can only afford smaller doses of HMG. HCG doesn’t have real LH: some receptors in the testicles wont respond to HCG like they do real LH. HMG is half LH half FSH.

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    Follow the protocol Dylan gave you for fertility. Another concern I have though is it seems you are self medicating. If you had low test through and endo why didnt you get prescribed trt? One thing you need to do is lower that dose. 250mg per week is way too high for trt. In cycles it's one thing but you cant stay on that dose without it affecting you long term

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    Thanks guys, I was diagnosed with a microadenoma so it's not possible for my body to produce a proper amount of natural test. And I did not go with prescribed because they are very stingy about prescribing TRT here in NY and denied me because one of my tests my level was 234. Apparently that is too high...a little ridiculous so got tired of messing around. I will most likely lower the dose but just don't want to damage anything long term.

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