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Thread: Female log: First cutting cycle with gw/ostarine stack

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    Female log: First cutting cycle with gw/ostarine stack

    OK - I am back and ready to get this log started.

    I mentioned I’d keep a log from the female perspective with a GW + Ostarine stack. Everything arrived in good time and I’ve needed to wait to this week to be organized enough to get started. The past 4-6 weeks I was hit with a horrible Hypothyroid and then endo flare that left me flat, exhausted and sick, for the most part. If you find my other post you will get a little more background, but current stats:

    Female 5’4” 153-155 starting weight and guessing the 30% + BF area. Fat! This is a personal low for me from all areas of health, wellness and physical endurance/stamina. Not to mention the reflection in the mirror.

    How I Got To Fat: 20% lazy, 20% initial foot injury followed by 60% illness/surgery/recovery the past 2 years.

    History of training hard for 15 years prior to getting ill.

    As said, this is my first time trying SARMS and GW

    These are my goals for the first 12 weeks on the GW/Ostarine stack:

    1) Fat loss (obviously)
    2) Retain muscle (Not Bulk at this time.)
    3) Gain back strength/endurance
    4) Overall health/wellbeing
    5) Beginning of Re-comp

    I will measure results by:

    Scale weight
    measurements weekly or biweekly
    photos every 1-2 weeks
    Keeping a food/training log
    Logging how I feel/physical symptoms, inflammation up/down, etc.

    I would love to get down 15lbs of scale weight and several inches - I am going to try not be too female, however, and judge success only on scale weight. I assume I will have newbie gains from lifting again after such a long time off. This is fine with me, but cutting fat is first priority for now vs building a lot of muscle.

    Why a GW/Ostarine stack so soon?

    While some may argue or suggest get your diet and training back on point for a 3-6 month time and THEN add a stack, my reasoning has to do with more than the gains in the gym.

    - Fighting Hashimoto (Hypothyroid symptoms dominant)
    - Stage 3 Endometriosis (not a death sentence but a buzz kill on quality of life due to a host of symptoms)

    I fight fatigue and have a shitty immune system on a clean, low inflammatory diet, blahblahblah…so I wanted to experiment on myself after researching/reading/watching mostly the info posted by Dylan (again, Thank you!) and a few other outside resources.

    With very little help from GPs and Specialist Docs outside of offering strong pain meds and BC pills that just make things worse and I refuse to take - I needed to find something outside western medicine’s typical bandaid box. (No, I’m not a doctor, this is my own trial and error from my personal experience.)

    My hopes are to have more energy to get my workouts in consistently.

    Last 10 days - I have RE-STARTED 5 mcg of cytomel (T3) for my THYROID, not for fat loss. (It did nothing for me in the area of fat loss a few months back when I tried it and then tapered off it because I wasn't liking it)

    I had a big difference in energy/brain fog lifting, etc. within 48 hrs of restarting the dose. However, no major changes in stamina to put in a good workout. Perhaps prior the dose was too high. Right now 5 mcg seems fine.

    No other medications.

    I will write my diet/training plan in next post. I’m re-jigging it. In the past I have been successful with close to a 33% split in macros, with lower GI carbs and getting them mostly from veggies and some fruit. (limit grain/bread) I have tried Keto with not great results for fat loss, but a lot of strength improvement. I also retained a lot of water on it? I’d lose appetite on this diet quickly from all the fat and have trouble getting enough cals in, then just crave the sugar/carbs missing and it would backfire on re-feed day. I don’t plan to do this type of diet. I am thinking 1g protein/goal weight (130g) and figure out a split leftover for fat/carbs.

    I do struggle with finding the right calorie range for fat loss. I’m thinking 1300-1500…the scale jumps around so much for me it’s been very hard to know what true maintenance is and I know it has changed in the past few years with the thyroid issues. It will also depend on my training.

    Most likely first 2 weeks of training will be a 4 day split of compound training in the 8-12 rep range/3-4 sets followed by cardio. Then a second LISS cardio session 3-4 times a week because I am sedentary throughout the day outside of workouts. After the 2 weeks, I will want to incorporate higher volume, metabolic training with some heavier lifting days to keep my bod guessing. This is in hopes my stamina is better.

    Any input is welcome.

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    im really looking forward to this log... im behind you all the way... you had me LOL with your explanation of how you gained weight, just the way you phrased it... you have my kind of humor... im here for you anytime you need my help and i will be here to support you throughout... you are going to love this cycle and i expect very strong results...

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    Lots of luck to you. Sounds like you have really thought this through , in my opinion stay away from the scale as much as possible, judge your progress by how you look and feel , like when your pants are too big , try to use the scale as little as possible

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    In to follow this. Best of luck to you. I think its awesome you're taking control and making your health a focus point. Kill it.

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    Welcome back!!!!! You already know I'm in this to follow along. Completely agree with trensweater here stay away from the scale. Take photos for progress. .keep up on your water intake, and you got this!!!


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    Well done wishing you the best on this journey will definitely follow!

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    I will defnitely be following your progress. Looking forward to how everything treats you! Good luck and I'm sure you will enjoy your experience. Let us know if you have any questions along the way

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    Hello! My apologies for dropping off after saying I'd start logging. Delayed start date but here is the first update.

    Week 1 - GW only. Why? Only because I wanted to test it on its own, worried about side effects (just me to anything). I did 10mg the first two days and felt very little to be honest. That being said, the positive was no negative effect. So went to the 20mg recommended dose and after the remaining 5 days completing the first week I'm a very happy girl!

    Stamina increase (not in the hyper/jitter stimulant way). And to be honest, not initial stamina or endurance but more so the longer I kept going I just didn't run out of steam.

    Day 4 I wasn't feeling it when I woke up, just tired, etc. and was doing Am empty cardio. I could keep going but my start engine wasn't as good. So day 5 and 6 I took 1/2 my pre-workout with it. That was pretty amazing. I don't think it's necessary but please remember I'm 'starting over' and not going into this with great game. So for me it worked.

    Day 7 I didn't workout so didn't take a dose. I think that's wrong. Double checking, but I believe take the dose everyday, even on off days? Does that also go for Ostarine (or any stack?)

    So first week down, only GW - only cardio sessions for endurance.

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    So above post just playing catch up. Now REAL TIME:

    Week Two started today. I started the Ostarine at 12.5mg (for the 2 weeks advised before I increase) with 20mg GW.

    Dosing time advice requested. Should I just go ahead and take both in the am or wait until 30-60 min. before I do my serious/heavier training in the PM? I am lucky to have my work schedule in my favour to do this for the next few months. I wouldn't normally do 2 workouts so early in the game, but the morning is just LISS to get me moving as I am very sedentary with my job and sit in front of a damn computer almost all day. I want to shed this fat. This shouldn't be considered over-training during a 10-12 week trial and I want to test the boundaries.

    Training Plan:
    3-5 times a week LISS Morning Cardio (Empty). I plan to take a pre-workout for this...I think. I'm playing around with that. Sure some days will be different.

    4-5 Day split Lifting heavy 4 sets 10-15 rep range followed by shorter HIIT or MISS cardio session. (afternoon)

    I do find I need to eat 90-120 min. before I lift at this point. I used to lift with just BCAA help but I don't plan to do it this way right now.

    First day lifting - Leg Day - with Osta/GW combo today and wow! I don't want to get too ahead of myself but I lifted heavier with two more reps on all lifts! I followed it with 50 min. cardio simply because I wasn't tired (it was going to be 30 min.) The only issue was I did use a pre-workout and felt my HR a little too high for what I wanted to do with cardio and had to pull it back. I actually was texting while walking hills (bored) and had it set at an incline that would have normally left me winded after :30- :60 sec. and I didn't notice for several minutes. Kinda cool!

    Diet always drives me nuts but as it stands - 1400-1500 cals

    Any advice in that area again, always welcome. I'll give it more time before I start freaking out about exact macros and wait to (hopefully) see some physical changes in the mirror.

    My posts will not all be this long.

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    I'm not experienced with sarms at all but I like your diet numbers and I have to eat something before lifting even when cutting

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