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Thread: Female LGD-4033 cycle

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    Female LGD-4033 cycle

    Ok, so i have spent countless hours looking for testimonials from females SARMS use, and found maybe a handful. So wanted to throw some of my own experiences out there, and possibly get some feedback!!

    I purchased my first cycle of Anabolicum (LGD-4033) and proceeded to dose at 5 mgs per day in the a.m. I ran for 5 weeks before i caught an awful flu bug and had to stop for a week.. In those 5 weeks, i put on 10 lbs and increased my strength tremendously. I went from not being able to do a single pull up, to doing sets of 8-10 strict. Hit PRs on my big lifts and the physical change was very apparent (people constantly asking/complimenting my growth). I have been nothing but thrilled with the results of that run. Side effects are minimal but they are there. A few acne flare ups, and southern region swelling.. But it's honestly not bad. I am now back on week 2 of another cycle and hoping to finish this one strong. Not sure about a PCT yet, or what i will do after this one to cut. Maybe some suggestions?!! Thanks guys!!
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    generally women dont require pct but it doesnt hurt to run a natural test booster 4 weeks after your cycle... women still do need testosterone as men need estrogen, clearly just in much smaller amounts... so i would go with 4 weeks of dga post ct after...

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    Awesome. Thanks! I will check that out. I deff don't wanna mess anything up with my hormones, so i agree that a mild PCT could be beneficial.

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    you are very welcome

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