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Thread: Estrogen Blockers

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    Estrogen Blockers

    Hi Dylan great videos on You Tube I have a question for you.
    What's the best Estrogen Blocker?
    I'm going to start again on
    Dianabol 10mg
    Winstrol 10mg

    Last time I did it I gained 30 pounds I'm 200 right now I need a 32 inch waist and feel good. Also my ankels swelled up it was crazy. I'm from California

    Thanks for your time

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    Aromasin is usually the smart choice for AI on cycle, however your cycle plan is not good at all. You shouldn't be running orals without a test base, and you shouldn't generally be mixing orals. Mixing dianabol and winstrol makes very little sense as they are quit opposite in the results they produce.

    How many cycles have you run, what is your body fat %, your age, your training experience, and you cycle goals?

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    you want an aromatase inhibitor not an estrogen blocker and if you dont even know the difference between the two, you should not be using steroids whatsoever

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    This is common knowledge for anyone who done any research whatsoever. I recommend you take a HUGE step back and educate yourself properly before touching any steroids. You haven't even provided any stats, training history, or goals.

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