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Thread: Esarms Cardarine

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    Esarms Cardarine

    I just received 2 bottles of cardarine and a bottle of cardazol from Esarms and was wondering about dosage. I want to run 20 mgs of caradine. How much of the dropper do i need to fill up for that dosage. And with the cardazol, how late in the day should i take it to be able to sleep soundly at night?

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    I believe that 3/4ths of the dropper equals the full dose. I don't take caffeine after 2pm; I give it a full 8 hours before going to bed.

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    30ml bottle dropper

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    i would not take cardazol too late in the evening... it doesnt have a lot of stimulant in it but even with a little bit, i wouldnt take it too late in the day...

    the faq page on esarms covers the droppers

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    80% full on an esarms dropper is 1mL (therefore 20mg of cardarine). It is great stuff, and you will love the results.

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    Get some 1ml oral syringes. Makes measuring your dose very easy and more exact than the droppers. They are dirt cheap on Amazon.

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    Thanks for that man.
    I will definitely try this.

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    whats the best way to take just squirt in mouth? put under tongue and let sit for a few? bioavailability in cardarine vs stenabolic?

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    you just take it straight down.. NEVER hold it under your tongue

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    Dylan as always thank you!

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