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Thread: eq + deca = ok??

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    eq + deca = ok??

    I've been researching the cycle I want to run and I've been reading mixed reviews that deca and eq shouldn't be ran together. Some I read that they're good running together. Have any of you guys used eq and deca together? Has it worked great for you? And of course this is with test base. Thanks

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    They work just fine together bud.

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    Sounds like a good run to me bro!!

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    [email protected] [email protected] decca @500

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    I'm going run
    500mg test
    250mg deca
    600mg eq
    50mg tbol 6 weeks
    50mg winstrol last 6 weeks.
    Thanks guys!

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    1-18 500mg test
    1-16 250mg deca
    1-16 600mg eq
    1-6 50mg tbol
    14-20 50mg winstrol
    1-24 eod 12.5 aromasin
    Caber on hand
    And pct. May look into running pct at 6 weeks also

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    I've run them both together. Awesome stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwannagofaster View Post
    I've run them both together. Awesome stuff.

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    Thanks. Got my order coming in and going to start it ending of February

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    Eq and deca are a great pair who said they werent both are really long esters that work well in a longer cycle and they compliment each other . EQ that combo will ramp your appetite though keep your diet clean and youll pack on some solid muscle if you eat crap though your gonna end up with alot of soft puff you dont want

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    Run eq for 20 weeks 600-800.

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