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Thread: E2 results

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    E2 results

    Got my results back and my estrodial is 28.9 pg/ml. That is kinda on the upper end of normal. I am running 400mg/week test, and .5mg aromidex a day(axio).
    I have no negative side effects at all, Only positives, my skin is healthier, mood is great, energy is awesome, shedding bodyfat without even trying, muscle development is off to a slow start, but I have already gained strength back that I lost on a shitty 16 week powerlifting routine I tried recently.
    I am wondering if I should switch to aromasin at 12.5mg a day on this or my next cycle. I plan to do 5-600mg test, and mast next go around, but I'm not sure what a good beginner dose is for masteron.
    Any and all advice on how to deal with my A.I. on this or my next cycle is greatly appreciated!
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    thats not high at all.. you are right in the range you want to be

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    Like Dylan said that's the sweet spot. For me anyway. No anxiety, skin is healthier, joints don't hurt, mood is better. Start getting in the upper teens low 20s and I start to feel run down and all of the above.

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    That's not the upper range of normal. That's damn near perfect. I actually feel best between 30-40 myself

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