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Thread: E-sarms GW-501516 (CARDARINE)

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    E-sarms GW-501516 (CARDARINE)

    Planning to purchase some GW-501516 from e-sarms in the next few weeks. I had a few questions I was hoping could be answered by users who purchased from e-sarms.

    How many weeks before you started to feel the GW kick in?
    Did u actually get 30ml’s from the vial or was it more like 25,26,27,etc?


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    30 mls each vial... everyone is different on how long it takes... generally in the first two weeks you will start to feel it... some sooner than others

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    Thanks for getting back to me so soon! Looking forward to starting.

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    no problem

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    They are definitely 30mL, and I feel the effects from it profoundly at about a week and a half.

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