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Thread: Dylan, please i need your help!

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    Dylan, please i need your help!

    Hi Dylan!

    I have a BIG problem, I have had low test values for the last 5 years. I’m not very educated in this but my doc in Sweden told me a natural mans test values should be somewhere between 5-30, mine was 8 first time and 11 the second time. You need to be below 5 for TRT in Sweden, so I won’t get any help.

    (My values is like a 60 year old man, I’m 28)

    I’ve been training for 14 years and never done any “anabolic cykel”, except MK677 for 5 month in the beginning of this year.

    It’s extremely hard for me to make gains, and I feel freaking tiered all the time. And my biggest problem is my sexdrive, its like none and now I even got erectile dysfunction problems witch is horrible when I just meet a new girl...

    Do you think I can run like a pct to get my body produce more testosterone and be able to stay at more normal level for my age?

    I really like your videos on YouTube, your spot on and very good on what you are doing! 💯

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    really not likely that any pct would help you with a hypogonadal condition if thats the case... there is also a chance you didnt run real mk677 and that it could have really hurt you.. when did this all start happening?

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    My symptoms started 5 years ago when my sex drive went lower and lower. 1,5 year ago my “erectile” problem start to show up. I’ve been tired most of the days and don’t really have that spark in life that I had before.

    My testicals do “work”, got a 4,5 year old son and last year my ex girlfriend got pregnant with twins. Some activity is going on down there...

    I was hoping a pct would help me out.. A friend of mine suggested me to use hcg for 10days with clomid and nolva, after that continue with clomid and nolva for another 20-30 days.

    I’m totally green at this and need more feedback from you guys. Thx

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    that will not help whatsoever if you have had this problem for some time... dont waste time and money and possibly make it worse... i assure you, if you are hypogonadal, which it sounds like you are, then that wont do anything at all... you need to see an endocrinologist...

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    That sux man but def go see doctor I suffer from low test as well and I was about your age when I decided to look into Testosterone but like I did and Dylan is telling you, go see a doctor and get back on track

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    You can try a pct, but I personally think it sounds like you have low test genetically. You really need a doctor to help you if you are that low

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