Hey guys,

Also posted this on another board.

Looking ahead to a bulking cycle for Fall, not trying to gain alot of water weight so I planned on using the following:

400-500 mg Test
500 mg EQ
200 mg primo
50 mg proviron
40 mg Tbol

AI will be adex prob around .25 EOD or as needed and will adjust with blood work.

I've read that running test/EQ 1:1 is a good start to figuring out proper EQ dose. Keeping in my primo cruise dose in to help keep gains cleaner, Tbol as a kickstart for the first 6 or 8 weeks, proviron bc that shit works synergistically with everything.

Still in my summer cut now which is test/primo/var and loving results. I don't want to gain any sloppy mass heading into the winter months.

Any suggestions/comments? Am I compromising a ton of potential muscle but not using wet compounds?