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Thread: Doubling ypur testosterone naturally

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    Doubling ypur testosterone naturally

    Opinion on this guy (Rob Lipsett, alphalete athlete)?

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    Not trying to be a dick but this wreaks of book selling propaganda

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    Not to the OP but the book itself

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    Not possible! This is sonthing said to newbs when trying to push a supplement or training/diet plan

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    Doubling it naturally? Only way that is possible is if you were below baseline and trying to recover. Then yes, you could double it. Under normal circumstances well within the normal range however? I smell bullshit.

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    ''Relax, smile and dont ask anything. Just buy my book'' - Rob Lipsett

    His 5 Proven Methods are just nothing else but principles what an every person working out should be focusing on. Recovery, well balanced diet, good training regime and stress management thats all you need to keep good level of tetsosterone.
    His testosterone went up because he gained more weight-body fat. Thats it.

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    i cant even keep a straight face to respond to this

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    Thatís the World Wide Web for ya. You can find anything in cyberspace these days

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