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Thread: Don’t drink on cycle an drink WATER!!!!

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    Don’t drink on cycle an drink WATER!!!!

    Be smart guys. I got myself thrown into medical jail yesterday. Kidney values were less than 25% of normal yesterday so i had to stay. Bout of hard drinking right before sparked it but my drinking has been really bad over the past 2 years albeit better lately. So now I’m pissed and irritated locked up until the doc comes back. Levels are returning to normal though thankfully after several liters of lactated ringers. Fucking blows. Don’t be stupid!

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    For those of you who didn’t get it, I’m in the hospital. There is no such thing as medical jail lol

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    Hope you feel better soon, and that's advice I live by on cycle.

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    Other then a 5150 that is....

    Take care of yourself Mr. Steel...

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    What are lactated ringers ? That sux man what symptoms were u having they made you go to the hospital?

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    Sounds not so fun.
    Good luck. Hope all turns for the better.
    My mind is going wild tying to figure out what lactating rings are???
    I can tell you the company has got to be better there than real jail.
    Thats the only silver lining I got!!!

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    Is it sodium lactate solution?
    If so it is not nearly a funny as I was in-visioning. Still sounds no fun.

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    like we talked about brother, its time to get a grip on it now and take control... nothing is more important than your health... you have been around all of this for far too long to not know how important that is... you got this bro...

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    Bud I’m so sorry you are still dealing with ur drinking. I wish I could help but u MUST make a decision to stop. You have been around for so long. Please get a grip on it bud you can do this bud !!! It’s not worth it at all. I truly understand how hard it is to quit but it truly is one day at the time ... of u must break it up to one hour at the time and build up from there. You can do this bud!!! I hate to hear you r in the hospital dealing with kidney issues that’s terrible

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    Actually, there are medical facilities in jail. I know because I have been there. Not bragging by any measure, it just happens to be part of my story. I too struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. I always managed to hold a good suit and tie job, but in the end was nothing more than a dressed up trash can. I finally hit a point in my life that was "personally unacceptable" to me and i refused to go on living like that. I have now been sober for 5 1/2 years from alcohol and all mind and mood altering substances. For me, even playing around with gear was dangerous grounds as i have the addiction of "more". I have seen others get sober from alcohol or drugs, only to start abusing gear in the same manner. It's all the same. Fortunately, the addiction to gear didn't take hold with me.

    Only you can make the decision to take the action necessary to address the problem. Once you discover your "why", then you can figure out the "how".

    Feel free to PM me.

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