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Thread: Does anyone have experience with Magnalone XR?

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    Does anyone have experience with Magnalone XR?

    Magnalone XR or any other injectable form of LGD 4033. I’m interested in your experience and would like to discuss further. IM or Sub Q, PIP, Dosage, Frequency. Would like to hear from experience. Ive already seen all the limited content out their regarding Magnalone.

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    no and i have zero comfort recommending an injectable sarm...

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    No intentions of trying it

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    I would not recommend this! It sounds dangerous man, good luck!

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    Even the name is scary lol wtf.
    Since the first 2 posts say not to, dont do it man.

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    Never had any experience with it, neither noone of my friends have had any.
    If you do, let me know please.
    I would like to know more.

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