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Thread: Do sarms expire?

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    Do sarms expire?

    Hi guys
    Just like the title says, do Sarms expire?
    I bought some sarms from S4s a few months ago, then I promptly fell down the stairs and fucked up my knee with ligament damage.
    So I am currently in physio
    Will these sarms still be good in a few months?

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    yes of course they will unless you expose them to extreme temperatures

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    Awesome, thanks

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    Yea ive had some sarms for years still fine.

    Cool dry dark place and all good.

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    anytime bro

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    They lose potency over time but if stored properly it will be years before it makes any difference.
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    i have had my sarms stored for a couple months and i got no issues waiting till even early next year using them!

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