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Thread: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? HGH

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    Different individuals would reply differently. What I think is that if you cannot afford to run a minimum of 6 months hGH cycle cost-wise, don't bother starting. I would also not run generic, but that's just me. Also consider the dose depends on your goal, as well.

    If you're worried about the cost, MK-677 may be the way to go, however, bear in mind that according to the prevailing expert recommendation, you would need to run it without pause for a year.

    These are not the type of compounds that react to intermittent use, their effects take a long time to build, and do so gradually.

    In my opinion the benefits I got from 4IU/day of pharma grade hGH over the last 13 months have been well, WELL worth it, but that's just me.
    very well said and im in full agreement here.. i also would be very very cautious with generics... if you are gong to do it, then fucking do it but understand its a huge investment and it absolutely needs to be ran for the long haul or its pointless... you would never get out of it what you should and that would be a shame and a waste... mk677 is the very next best option... i like it of course with the cost being less but the ease of use, no injections and the high amounts of benefits... thats up to you on what you want to spend and deal with... personally, if you have bomb hgh, i dont ever see nor feel the necessity to go over anywhere near 5 ius a day... 3-4 is even on the higher side for some but more reasonable... that is only if you have the quality.. otherwise, go with mk677... here is a link to the highest quality you can find...

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    keep in mind that 677 should be ran for a year as well to obtain all the benefits...

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