Sup guys, sorry for back-to-back thread, wanted to separate the two discussions. I recently began suffering from a bit of Steroid-induced Excessive Sweating. If any of you guys have experience with Steroid Induced Sweating, please help me, and others, out here.

Steroid Induced Sweating

- My current LGD (10mg) + GW (20mg) + Testosterone (500mg p/week) + DBOL (40mg) Cycle has caused me some excessive sweating. I am currently 4 weeks in and do not want to stop before trying to get this under control first.
- The sweating occurs mostly outdoors, and on my face, chest and back, but is not my average level of sweating. The sweat drenches me from even a couple of minutes of sun/humidity exposure. I currently live in China which does not make things better, but it DEFINITELY has gotten 10 times worse since starting the cycle.
- Currently using prescription-grade Aluminium Chloride anti-perspirant to combat this, but it only helps marginally.

Solutions and Medications

1. Do any of you experience this when taking moderate or large doses of Steroids?
2. Have you seen improvement from Topical Solutions, including Topical Anti-cholinergics?
3. Have you seen improvement from low doses of oral medications, such as Anti-Cholinergics, Alpha-blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Clonidine, Anti-epileptic drugs, Anti-histamine, Anti-Seizure medications and so forth?
4. What other solutions have worked for you?