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Thread: Different levels in vials question

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    Different levels in vials question

    Morning, Ive used these sources before and its good stuff but I noticed that the vials appear to be same size but the levels in them are different. One of the props is almost full while some of the others arent. Now Im aware that this thing can happen with ugl but I just dont wanna get shorted. If they are over filling them than cool. Just curious if yall would consider this an issue if you were me. Thank you.

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    God I hate photobucket. Sorry if pic is crappy.

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    I would contact source. I mean if you had a large enough syringe (10ml assuming those are 10ml vials) you could just draw it all up or in a couple syringes and measure?

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    You got too much time on your hands bro. Seriously...

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    Yeah, you probably right. Overthinking stuff as usual.

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    You got too much time on your hands bro. Seriously...

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    I'd be more concerned with the quality unless you consistently get shorted on the vials.

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    im not trying to be a dick but i cant really take this serious

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    I?ve never heard of those brands. IMO if my vials were significant less volume I?d take issue with it. I?ve never been short by any of our sources on here, I?ve actually had vials with more than 10ml. I also don?t like to see hand written labels but that?s just me.

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    Your that picky man?? Just be happy you have quality stuff. Those look pretty damn close. geez...

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    Looks close to me. You're overthinking the shit out of it

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