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Thread: Diet and Nutrition basics 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by bel3303 View Post
    I keep coming back to this year after year, what a perfect guidline!
    I'm glad you find it helpful bro! I appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister_jedi View Post
    You’re a golden god broseph. Thanks for the post!
    Glad to help bro

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    Wow this was a great read. Just what I needed. Thanks bro for taking the time to write this.👍🏻👍🏻

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    What a f***ing good post!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crls View Post
    What a f***ing good post!!!!!!
    Thanks brother

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    I am also what gives bodybuilders a bigger and fuller look, when glycogen stores are at their maximum capacity in the body

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    This is so informative I would love to share this with my friends. these are so easy health tips. awesome.

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    thanks for the interesting guide.
    actually it took me sometime to figure out the most suitable diet. counting how much nutrients i might need based on me daily routine can became trivial, but it is a must.
    at first i wanted to get all my nutrients from real food, but now time from time I do take supplements. but just to meet my reference daily intake.
    for now I take whey and shilajit (shilajit isn't well know but it fights fatigue, more interesting facts are here at supplements. feel and look pretty good.

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    This is a dope diet tutorial! I hope everyone takes this advice, cheers!

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    Nice, all the basic info a lifter needs.

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