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Thread: Diet and Nutrition basics 101

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    Very comprehensive post - thanks!
    Indeed, for the development of good muscles, it is necessary to supply your body with additional essential elements, especially if it is not always possible to have an appropriate meal before or after a gym. A body needs essential amino acids, i.e. they can be obtained only with protein products or specialized supplements, the body is not able to synthesize these amino acids independently. So, it plays a crucial role in building muscle tissues and their metabolism.
    Take control of your protein intake!

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    Great fucking information

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    Thanks guys

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    No matter how many times I see this info...It's always good to revisit it and re-calibrate. Thanks!

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    Love everything about this post! Such a good breakdown with a wealth of info for newbies and refreshers for experienced.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it!

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    You’re a golden god broseph. Thanks for the post!

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    I keep coming back to this year after year, what a perfect guidline!

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