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Thread: Diet/ meal plans

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    Diet/ meal plans

    Greeting Dylan, Iím 46yrs old 5-8 195lbs. Iím on TRT. 250mg a week. I would like to lose body fat and get really lean. But I donít know what to believe. I have a couple pro bodybuilders that tell eat 6 meals a day. Every 3 hours. Itís very difficult to do that on my work schedule. I work 12 hrs swing shifts. So flipping from eating day to night is very difficult Then I have friends tell to intermitting fasting is better. I google both and watch videos on both but I really donít know what is the best route to good. I watch your videos all the time and I feel your really honest and give out great information. Could you please give me so directions. Thank you so

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    there is no cookie cutter answer on diets... its trial and error for each individual... someone coaching you would work with you to figure out whats best for you but diets dont happen over night... they take quite some time to really get dialed in...

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