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Thread: Dianabol and liver support

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    Dianabol and liver support

    so I bought some liver support for my next cycle, but now I kinda feel like many other supplements itís a scam, I picked up some Liv52 from brand name himalaya they seem to have good reviews but probably not all from meat heads. can someone please tell me if taking this product is even worth it? I also read that I shouldnít take it near my dbol doses because my liver could destroy the dbol. here to learn, thanks guys

    if it helps iíll be taking 20mg dbol dosed twice daily (40mg total)

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    its fine but your liver is not even close to enough when it comes to protecting yourself from oral steroid toxicity... what about your kidneys, blood pressure, lipids etc? liver is just a small fraction of what needs protected.. you need a COMPLETE all in one..

    here you go...

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    thanks, iíll check it out 💪🏼

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    no problem bro

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    Organ ST will give you complete protection

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