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Thread: Deca durabolin

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    Deca durabolin

    Hey Dylan, I have been watching a lot of videos about steroids and I have found you to be the most reasonable and cautious person out there. Iam 52 years old and really trying to make serious gains. Iam currently taking 200mg of test cypionate a week (prescribed) and im interested in possibly stacking decay with that. How do feel about someone doing that at my age? And I would like to ask more questions but im not sure what would be ok to ask in an email. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love your videos man!

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    What's your body fat percentage, and training experience? Have you had any previous cycle experience, or has TRT been your only steroid use?

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    hey bro, it all depends on your stats... age/height/weight/body fat? what are your goals?

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    Please give us your full stats experience and goals so we can help you

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