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Thread: Deca diet..

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    Deca diet..

    Please dont crush me for asking this. It's an honest question guys, lol..

    Should go over on my calories if on deca? I Calcuated a surplus diet using my fitness pal, so I'm at 3000cal now.
    But so many people online say to eat even more than youre supposed to when on deca.
    So Should I stick to my macros or eat more..

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    If you're trying to bulk yes it's ok but if you start gaining too much fat drop your calories some. Use your judgment...

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    Yes I'm bulking

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    Deca will let you be more sloppy on your diet and not get fat and build nice muscle but it’s going to be give and take

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    I wouodmt recommend a huge surplus, but a little bit more is probably fine. You can always adjust as you go up or down based on what you gain

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    thats pretty common sense in terms of your question... if you are bulking then you should, if not then you shouldnt...

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    No no.. What im saying is, should I exceed the SURPLUS macros beyond the calculated daily caloric intake. 3000 already puts me in a surplus.. I'm asking if I should exceed even that..

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    i wouldn't exceed 500-600 calorie surpluss...too much bloating/fat gain

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    yea 500 cals is usually the most you should go over.

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    im not big on going over 500 either... everyone is different but for most, it tends to get sloppy at that point

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