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Thread: Deca & Test Mix Color

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    Deca & Test Mix Color

    Hi guys,

    I have a vial of Deca 200 and Test 250 /ml unopened. I have had this for around 6 months. I took it out today getting ready for use and the color is an incredibly dark yellow color. I have an old vial which I never finished back when it was first purchased the color has clearly changed over time. Does this mean its bunk? Photos attached of the color same batch and dose. color.jpg

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    This is yellow color?

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    Color has nothing to do with anything. Could be the raws or carrier oil. Not all manufacturers use the same.
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    As said, the color tells you nothing. The same lab can change carrier oils even from batch to batch.

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    there's nothing i can say by that color.. you could contact the source and ask them...

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