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Thread: Dbol

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    Hi Gemelli,

    I would like to get some advice from someone who understands the steroid and its affects hence why I am contacting you...

    I have started a dbol cycle since Friday 26th Febuary 2016.

    I am 22 and currently taking 10mg oral a day with a full stomach after my gym sessions and today whilst at work I came across with a great deal of nausea and light headed to the point where my head just didn't feel like it was with my body causing me to leave the office.

    I have done my homework and I am aware of the affects and currently take milk thistle to support my liver X1 capsule a day.

    I am aiming to run this cycle until the 26th April 2016 so 8 weeks to gain size...

    Could what I experienced be due to a lack of sleep, lack of fluid, anxiety or is this typically a potential side affect caused by dbol?

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    Bro, you need aromasin if you're running dbol. 10mg is shit. Oral only dbol is short lived gains. You did not do your homework.

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    Oh Man, Dbol only again. No no no.
    Welcome Bud, stop the Dbol. Save it till your here long enough to learn some more.
    Everyone here will help you. Just cruise the sight a while and learn about what your doing.
    You'll be thankful you did.

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    Please stop what you are doing now bud and PCT. 22 years old, dbol only, orals for 8 weeks! Red flags man. If you're well aware of the liver toxicity, then why would you be running a toxic oral like dbol for 8 weeks? That's plain stupid. For one, you're too young for aas man. Not worth the risk shutting yourself down while your body is still developing. On the other hand, oral only cycles are terrible. Read this thread and educate yourself: Definitely stop your cycle, pct, and stick around here so you can learn. That's the smartest thing you can do right now man. We want to help.

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    Awesome!!!!! We havent had a DBol cycle thread in such a LONG time!!!!

    Another person who has "done their homework". Great job OP, time to up the dose!!!!

    P.S. I'm pretty sure that "Ive done my homework" does not mean what I think it means.

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    Dude you are clueless....

    That's it... I'm making a generic verbiage.... this is ridiculous lol.

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    Ya one u r too young for any steroids. Two u dont run dbol only. Its not 1982 anymore. Three u dont take it after the gym. And u certainly dont only take 10mg. This is a mess.


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    Im going to stop clicking these threads that have dbol as the title

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    Hey bro don't take any offense to what everyone is saying! Everyone here is just fed up with the other 2047392857304740 post about dbol or any oral only cycle that has been posted within the past couple weeks. We are all here to help and show some tough love

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